25 Feb

Britain's most ancient building was constructed in Neolithic times at Papa Westray on the Orkney Islands. It was built 400 years before Skara Brae on Orkney and the local stone was easily found nearby.   The Orcadians were amongst the first to construct stone circles and move large stones about. They were farmers, megalithic builders and astronomers and because they were islanders they knew about seafaring and tidal streams.  It was a peaceful and sophisticated society and to maintain unity amongst the clans gifts were exchanged.   When the idea was proposed to build a super henge at Stonehenge it was up to the Orcadians to choose the inaugural stone.   I speculate that a stone showing swirl fossil patterns from Orkney was gifted to the project.  In Orkney, Outer Hebrides and Aberdeenshire they had been building stone circles with carefully chosen stones for at least 600  years.  They knew how to build Lunar and Solar calendars and how to transport stones. To take a 6 ton stone by sea 700 miles to Salisbury Plain presented few logistical problems. 

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