altar stone may have come from WEstray, Orkney imagealtar stone may have come from WEstray, Orkney image
Today if we move heavy objects any distance we do it using sea transport.  I have always beleived that Bluestones from the Preseli Hills involved a sea journey to get to Stonehenge.  If I can find evidence that the Altar Stone came from the Orkney Islands, then it endorses my theory that the Bluestones were also taken to Stonehenge by sea transport.    Archaeologists have determined that the 6 ton Altar Stone has not originated from any of the South Wales Devonian sandtones and now consider that it may have come from Scotland.  Two years ago I studied the Rousay flagstones in Orkney Isles looking for a match of the surface patterning of the type found on the Altar Stone.  The intertidal rocks found in the north of Westray and Papa Westray both match the surface patterning, have similar stratification, similar colouration and grain size. What is more is that blocks in rectangular shape are found naturally on the beaches, needing no quarrying to find the correct size.  The Neolithic farmers of Orkney had been using this same stone to build their tombs and monoliths since 3600 BC.  These folk were the experts in moving stones, building boats and designing stone circles and had been doing so for at least 800 years before Stonehenge was conceived.